Medical and Healthcare Webdesign

Online marketing is our core business but we do help clients who use our services with developing selling and fast websites. We know how to structure a website so it presents your product or service in the best possible light. We do not do web development in-house but work with trusted developers, our contribution is to deliver a website that is designed for speed and sales. Since we only deliver websites to customers who use our some of our advertising services, we have to deliver top quality, on time, every time.

Our proven blueprint for successful medical websites

Design & Content

We know how to address patients and clients for your industry and how to convince them to choose you.

Sites that convert

Every feature we create has a purpose for engaging the visitors in order to convince them to take an action to contact you.

Give readers what they want

We deliver a website design that includes strong content, along with an exceptional user experience.

Future proof and cost efficient

We offer cost efficient websites that do not require expensive programmers for maintenance and development.

Some Websites From Our Portfolio

Smile & Shine Dental, Thailand
Pitangui Plastic Surgery, Korea
LNYK Beauty Academy, Singapore
Hope Rehab Center, Thailand

Affordable Professional Websites

Medicine is a profession but healthcare is business, this is why the website design we offer is focused on converting visitors into your patients or clients.
We offer cost efficient mobile friendly websites that do not require expensive web designers or programmers for maintenance and further development. The sites are based on templates, comparable to a prefabricated house, which come with all the functionality you need – it just needs to be ‘furnished’ with text and images.

These templates are highly customizable with menus, colors and layouts to suit your preference. Future updates and functionality additions are easy and if you invest a few hours getting to know the system, you or your staff can do what used to be complex changes in minutes. All the site templates are supported by professional development companies and are guaranteed to work well on all devices.

Most clients who have built websites before usually spend 70% of their time and money on the website and 30% on content. We do the opposite, websites these days are much like brochures in that they all use a basic technical format (paper and size) and it is the content, layout and colors that matters, not the technology.

Websites That Sell

It is easy to focus on design and layout when setting up a new site, but your customers and patients are only looking for one thing, information. The layout, content and navigation are important not only to pass on that key information, but to also give an impression of trust and credibility. However, it is easy to get caught up in the design features and give the actual content too little attention, so we believe a good way of seeing your site from a customer’s perspective is to watch recorded sessions of actual users using your site. We provide session recording and analysis along with our website design services. We can also host your site and take care of all the updates and monitoring tasks needed to give the end user a good experience and make sure the site is secure.

Some more features

Professional service delivery

Utmost attention to detail with practical perfectionism means we strive for excellence so you are guaranteed the highest quality of service.

Get in touch, you will be surprised to learn what you can get for a reasonable cost.

We deliver Quality

Our passion for healthcare, design, marketing and  technology drives us to  invent better, more creative ways to help you succeed.

We are knowledgeable and professional experts that care about your needs, that is the reason our clients stick arouns. 

You have our full attention and commitment to your satisfaction. We never up-sell, overprice or break a promise.

We always offer fixed prices for the setup and, as long as you keep your deadlines, we will keep ours and deliver on time.