"We have been working with TopEngage for more than 1 year and during this period they have successfully managed our large global advertising campaigns. We have independently validated that our campaigns are both fully optimized and are providing a significantly higher number of conversions for essentially the same budget."

Enrico Bisello, Beike Biotechnology Ltd.


Business To Business Marketing for Medical Companies

Tired of sales calls without any results?

We bring prospects to you rather than you pushing your messages out to compete in a crowded landscape.

Increased number of customers

A good value proposition and right targeting always delivers more calls, e-mails, sales and other conversions.

Legal & Ethical requirements

We understand the complex legal-ethical advertising policies/regulations surrounding online advertising.

Reach the right buyers

You are able to drill down to a specific professional role, e.g., a radiologist who is directly in charge of making a purchase

B2B Marketing For Medical Companies

Are you a pharmaceutical, med-tech or bio-technology company? Have you tried sending hundreds of sales e-mails, running ineffective marketing and PR campaigns or simply made too many sales calls without getting any results?

Today’s Business-to-Business medical marketing is about bringing people to you rather than pushing your messages out to compete in a crowded landscape. Online advertising is one of the best solutions for B2B medical marketing in today’s competitive market.

Today the search for information has driven almost every initial request to the internet. Whether you are a medical company selling services or trying to sell a product, establishing targeted online advertising is essential, and this is also where the big revenues are.

Where do you typically start your research for a future business purchase?

Source: The State of Demand Generation, Pardot

Why choose B2B online marketing?

Bear in mind that medical B2B clients get a lot of marketing material thrown their way, much of which is quite long-winded and repetitive.

With medical business-to-business online marketing, we will make sure your ads are professional, unique and provide credibility to your business. B2B online medical marketing does not have to be different from B2C, your buyers are people, so don't complicate things.

Linkedln users are decisionmakers.

91% of executives rated Linkedln as their number one choice for professionally relevant content.*
*Source: Sophisticated-Marketers-Guide-to-LinkedIn-v03.12.pdf

Recommended marketing channels for medical B2B marketing

Google AdWords

As a certified Google AdWords partner we know how to run an effective campaign. We will ensure that marketing of your product or service generates calls, e-mails and inquiries. We have a proven track record of  generating an increased amount of conversions at a lower price.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads is the fast track to qualified, high value business leads, whether you are looking for business partners or new clients, this is the only way to go.

Why Choose LinkedIn for B2B marketing?

  • Linked In is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads!
  • Professionals primarily use LinkedIn to do background research on people, businesses, and services, and to get informed about the latest trends in specific industries,.
  • You can advertise in specific discussion groups related to your industry and measure results with real-time data.

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Search Advertising

We advertising of all major search engines, we use precision targeting to get only clicks from people who are likely to convert.

Social Media

Social Media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, account for 30% of conversions in the medical industry.

Medical Webdesign

We advise on your web strategy and design mobile-friendly website that sell and are tailored for the patients and client you want.

Content Creation

Content is everything, without good images and content written by a native medical writer you will get the wrong message across.

Business Growth

With our background in both, corporate and medical industries, we guide you through improving the entire process from initial lead to final sale.

Video Production

Video ads are the most effective way of engaging an audience. We can help you with both, videos for corporate presentations and online marketing.


Whether you are a pharmaceutical, med-tech or bio-technology company, we can advertise your products/services anywhere in any language.

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