"We got significantly more inquiries since we started working with TopEngage. They increased the exposure of our facility in Thailand, and their marketing attracted many clients from Australia, USA, and Europe. The results speak for themselves, and we continue our cooperation with them."

Simon Mott, Hope Rehab Thailand


Medical Marketing for Wellness Providers

Each industry segment we work with requires a different approach, the target groups are different and selecting the right channels and the right budgets is crucial for success. We specialize in targeting the right clients at the right cost. Wellness tourism is a diverse field but it has a lot of common factors we use in our proven blueprint for wellness marketing.

Steady and predictable bookings

Target marketing for your facility, whether it be yoga, meditation, detox or anti-aging, We will raise your occupancy rate and keep it steady through the seasons

Increase the number of clients

We can target country, gender, age, interests and even territories based on the average income. We ensure you get inquiries, calls and e-mails.

Cut out the middle man

Avoid expensive facilitators and referrals and cut out the middle man. We cut your expenses in half. Our extensive experience shows you won’t regret it.

We make your facility stand out

People looking for a special holiday getaway will use a search engine. Get found by people searching for specific treatments or packages you offer.

Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism markets, with over 690 million wellness-focused trips taken in 2017 alone.

Source: The State of Demand Generation, Pardot

How Can We Help You?

Wellness travelers pursue diverse services including physical fitness and sports, beauty treatments, rehabilitation, healthy diet and weight management, relaxation and stress relief, meditation, yoga, and health-related education.

If you are a facilitator of any of these services looking to promote your business online, you have come to the right place. We have extensive experience of marketing wellness facilities to an international audience and can bring you clients who are looking for services like yours. Through highlighting your unique selling points, we can target the right demographics, geographical locations, and level of income, thought efficient and cost-conscious marketing practices.

Let us help you to:

Lower your operations, overheads and improve your business bottom line.

Analyze your competitors and position you as a leading expert in the market.

Deliver efficient and cost-conscious marketing practice.

Find, target and deliver you a whole new client group based on your requirements.

Tailor your marketing campaigns to international clients looking for wellness services like yours.

Establish a tracking system, from initial message or call to a client visit, to ensure that your return on investment is measured.

Why Choose Us?

Our marketing strategy doesn’t just promote your services; we tailor ad campaigns in order to target the right consumers through identifying the needs and behavior of each particular consumer group.

Since we specialize in medical marketing, we understand the needs of clients looking for wellness services and facilities, whether it is anti-aging, detox/meditation/yoga retreat or personalized medicine. Topengage have a wealth of experience gained from marketing health and wellness facilities across South-East Asia and Europe.

$ 563 B
Value of global wellness tourism market
691 M
Trips made by global wellness tourists
10.6 %
Growth in the wellness tourism

According to the latest statistics from the Global Wellness Institute. Link

Recommended marketing channels for Wellness Tourism:

Google Adwords

As a certified Google Adwords partner we know how to run an effective campaign. Most campaigns we take triple their return on investment within 3 months. By highlighting the customer benefits, we usually achieve excellent results. Give it a try!

Facebook Ads

Get people inspired through active holidays on social media. We target the right customer group in the right location and in the right income level.

We can promote wellness treatments including:

Beauty & Anti-Aging

Wellness Tourism

Fitness & Mind-Body​

Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss​

Preventative & Personalized Medicine

Complementary & Alternative Medicine​

Perfectly Positioned

Our convenient bases in Hong Kong and Sweden allow us to work with clients across the entire APAC and EU regions. Our online-based work platform lets us deliver our services flexibly and proactively with clients in all time zones.

We specialize in working with clinics in Asia who wish to attract patients from Asian and Western countries (medical tourism). Conversely, we also offer our services to European medical facilities who offer specialized treatments and wish to attract new patients from other countries.

We Have Everything You Need

Search Advertising

We advertising of all major search engines, we use precision targeting to get only clicks from people who are likely to convert.

Social Media

Social Media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, account for 30% of conversions in the medical industry.

Medical Webdesign

We advice on your web strategy and design mobile friendly website that sell and are tailored for the patients and client you want.

Content Creation

Content is everything, without good images and content written by a native medical writer you will get the wrong message across.

Business Growth

With our background in corporate and medical industries we guide you through improving the entire process from initial lead to final sale.

Video Production

Video ads are the most effective way of engaging an audience. We can help you with videos for corporate presentations and online marketing.


We can find customers for your facility, whether it be yoga, meditation, detox or anti-aging, we have the experience to get you fully booked.

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