International Patients

Tailor your advertising campaigns to international patients looking for advanced dental treatments.

Increase Your Profits

Get patients for your most profitable treatments such as dental implants and orthodontics.

Lower Cost Per Patient

Cut down on expensive referrals. Our leads are usually 70-90% cheaper than referral services.

Patients on Demand

Target locations with expensive dental care, and also patients who are willing to travel for advanced treatments.

56 %
of patients will search for dentists via search engines
41 %
of people said social media would affect their choice of dentist
63 %
of people would consider getting a dental treatment abroad

How Does Online Advertising Work?

  • Clinics who unsuccessfully tried other agencies before coming to us appreciate the difference between advertising with an agency that knows online medical regulations, and one that doesn't! Particularly when it comes to online marketing for dental clinics and dental procedures.
  • Our expertise will get your Google ads in front of the audiences who are looking for treatments you provide. Also, we'll help create trust and credibility so patients choose you.
  • We know that advertising on Facebook can inspire people to buy cosmetic procedures such as orthodontics, veneers, whitening, inlays and onlays.
  • Google Search Ads are very restrictive when it comes to online medical marketing due to all the different regulations around the world. At TopEngage we know these various regulations so we know exactly who you can and can't advertise your services to. Furthermore, we also know what images you're allowed to use, and which ones will get your ads rejected.

    Additionally, we can market your clinic to an international audience in selected countries who are looking for dental treatment in your location or region. Or, we can create the idea, and inspire them to travel for the procedure instead of relying on expensive local treatments.
  • Our advertising is patient-oriented. For example, we highlight the patient benefits rather than the procedure per se. After all, the only factor patients will be looking at is whether your clinic will improve their quality of life.
  • We focus on advertising your most profitable treatments as this will quickly improve your bottom line.

Recommended Marketing Channels For Dental Clinics

Google Search Ads - steady patient flow!

We are certified Google Ads Partners and we live up to the high standards set by Google. Furthermore, we have a proven track record of spend and performance serving ads on all Google’s networks, and all our advertising experts are certified in multiple ad categories. So, when patients are looking for dentistry services online, we will ensure the right patient group in the right location finds your dental clinic, and contacts you. That’s the effectiveness of our online marketing for dental clinics!

Facebook Ads - inspire potential patients

Facebook ads can deliver fantastic results. Alternatively, they can deliver nothing at all. This is because, ultimately, it all comes down to strategy and targeting. And inspiration! In fact, online marketing for dental clinics with Facebook is ALL about inspiring! From a perfect smile, to dental tourism, or to perfect dental health for the whole family. We inspire your audience to want to do something about their teeth. Furthermore, research proves that a combination of:

  • Good reviews on Facebook,
  • Correctly targeted ads, and also
  • An active profile account showing real treatment results 

generates way more patients. So that’s exactly what our Facebook dental marketing strategies are designed to do – bring YOU more dental patients!

Established Blueprint For Dental Marketing

TopEngage has a wealth of experience gained from marketing dental clinics and hospitals across South-East Asia and Europe. Let us help you promote your treatments including:

  • Dental Implants
  • Porcelain Crowns and Veneers
  • Replicate Tooth
  • Full Arch Restoration
  • Dental Surgeries
  • Other treatments
Perfectly Positioned

Our convenient base in Hong Kong allows us to work with clients across the entire APAC and EU regions. Furthermore, our online-based work platform lets us deliver our services flexibly and proactively with clients in all time zones.

We particularly specialise in working with dental clinics in Asia who wish to attract patients from Asian and Western countries. We also offer our services to European dental clinics and hospitals that offer specialised treatments and wish to attract new patients from other countries.


In medical and healthcare advertising, credibility and trust are all-important. Spelling errors and bad grammar is disastrous to ad campaign performance.

Graphics design

Designing graphics that suit your ad campaigns is all important. Studies show that humans get 80% of their information from visual input. Therefore, graphics for ads needs to be specialised.

Video creation

Video is the most powerful tool when it comes to advertising online. Testimonials, explainers, and facility presentations can drive leads. We can help you create the perfect video for your ads.

"2-3 months after I started working with TopEngage, my Google Ads payments per month has dramatically decreased but my high quality dental customers surprisingly increased…. and most impressive is that they advise only services that fit my clinic, no hard selling at all."
Smile & Shine Dental Clinic
Bangkok, Thailand

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