"2-3 months after work with TopEngage, my Google Ads payment per month has dramatically decreased but my high quality dental customers surprisingly increase…. and most impressive is that they advise only service that fit my clinic, no hard selling at all."
Smile & Shine Dental Clinic
Bangkok, Thailand


International Patients

Tailor your marketing campaigns to international patients looking for advanced dental treatments

Increase Your Profits

Get paitients for your most profitable treatments such as dental implants and orthodontics

Lower Cost Per Patient

Cut down on expensive referrals. Our leads are usually 70-90% cheaper than referral services

Patients on Demand

Target locations with expensive dental care and patients willing to travel for advanced treatment

56 %
of patients will search for dentists via search engines
41 %
of people said social media would affect their choice of dentist
63 %
of people would consider getting a dental treatment abroad

Pure Business Focus

We view online marketing from a pure business perspective, we understand that treatments such as implants, replicate tooth, cosmetic dentistry, or orthodontics have a higher pay-off than only check-ups and cleaning. That’s why we focus on advertising your most profitable treatments which will quickly improve your bottom line

We also understand that getting patients for a check-up means they will most likely choose you for future advanced treatments, which is why we also optimize our advertising in a way it suits your long-term profits and ensures a steady flow of patients for basic services

Once you have been running your marketing with us for 6 months we have enough statistics to calculate the cost you pay per patient. We will then help you calculate average lifetime value of your individual treatments and recurring visits from various patient groups. You will also be able to see exactly how much you pay for our services - Per patient!

Established Blueprint For Dental Marketing

Topengage has a wealth of experience gained from marketing dental clinics and hospitals across South-East Asia and Europe. Let us help you promote your treatments including:

  • Dental Implants
  • Porcelain Crowns and Veneers
  • Replicate Tooth
  • Full Arch Restoration
  • Dental Surgeries
  • Other treatments
Perfectly Positioned

Our convenient base in Hong Kong allow us to work with clients across the entire APAC and EU regions. Our online-based work platform lets us deliver our services flexibly and proactively with clients in all time zones.

We specialize in working with dental clinics in Asia who wish to attract patients from Asian and Western countries. We also offer our services to European dental clinics and hospitals that offer specialized treatments and wish to attract new patients from other countries.

We Have Everything You Need

Dental Search Advertising

We advertise on all major search engines and we use precision targeting to get only clicks from people who are likely to convert. This method is best for people actively looking for your service.

Social Media For Dentists

We can grow your social presence and help you to market dental treatments suitable for a social audience. Treatments that work well on social media are mostly cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental Webdesign

Without a converting, mobile-friendly website you won't get far. You need to ensure that your website meets legal requirements and that it is mobile-friendly. 70% of your visitors are mobile.

Content Creation

Content is everything, without good images and content written by a native-language dental specialist writer you will get the wrong message across. Bad spelling and grammar will hurt your credibility

Business Development

With our background in both, corporate and medical, we can help you improve your dental practice, by advising you on improvements to your processes from the initial patient contact to final sale

Video Production

Video ads are the most effective way of engaging an audience. We can create videos suitable for showing off your dental practice, individual treatments and client testimonials. We can script and direct remotely if needed


If you are looking to increase the share of international patients you get, we can advertise your treatments anywhere in any language.

We are a full service agancy meaning we can help you with anything you need when it comes to your online presence.

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