Medical Devices Advertising

Our medical device marketing is not about putting the product first. In fact, we’ve found that the majority of medical device manufacturers lack marketing that focuses on the value of their product. Given that efficiency and outcomes are the true measure of your product’s success, this is a significant oversight. However, these metrics are also hard to articulate and demonstrate but we know how to do it.  That’s why, when it comes to online advertising for medical devices, no other medical marketing agency does it quite as effectively as TopEdge!

The right buyers

We help you to reach the right customer group. These are the businesses who are already looking for a product like yours.

We bring more leads

We help increase the number of leads that result from your marketing, and also shorten the sales funnel.

Legal requirements

Medical devices are subject to many regulations. Marketing them however is even worse! But, we can help!

Target Audience

We target only the companies, industries, and buyers you wish to work with

52 %
the median increase of marketing budget by medical device manufacturers in 2017
62 %
of the medical companies consider physicians and specialists as the top-ranked target audience
58 %
of CEOs confirmed that their allocated digital marketing budget is too low.

Medical Devices We Market

» Diagnostic Tools 
» Devices for Prevention and Monitoring
» Treatment and Laboratory equipment
» Rehabilitation devices

» Medical devices from class I to III 
» Surgical equipment, wheelchairs, sutures, pacemakers, vascular grafts, intraocular lenses, orthopedic pins, and many others

LinkedIn Ads

  • Professionals primarily use LinkedIn to do background research on people, businesses, and services, and also to get informed about the latest trends in specific industries.
  • LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads.
  • You can advertise in specific discussion groups related to your industry, and also measure results with real-time data

Google Ads

  • Even high power executives will search for partners and products online. Thus we make a point of getting your product in front of them!
  • People who search for your product have already made a decision to purchase it. So, all you need to do is convince them to buy from you and that's where we come in!
  • Reach a global audience of highly motivated clients in any language, and any country, and test new markets affordably.

How Can LinkedIn Ads Help You When It Comes To Getting New Customers?

  • You can easily get quality leads from your ads on LinkedIn using pre-filled forms with the user’s LinkedIn profile information.
  • We market your products to professionals who oversee procurement and are likely to buy from you. You select the audience and we'll bring leads.
  • In terms of targeting, you are able to drill down to a specific role. For example, you can get to a radiologist who is directly in charge of making a purchase.
  • We will also display the value of your product. Showing its efficiency and outcome will generate more leads than focusing on product-first.

What Can Google Do For Your B2B Sales?

We are a Google Certified agency so we know our way around the tangle of regulations and ethical codes that surround the medical industry in cyberspace. For example, different countries have different policies when it comes to online advertising for medical devices.  However, our extensive knowledge of these regulations will ensure your medical device marketing is 100% compliant.

Secondly, our other top priority is getting you qualified leads!  We target particular countries, professions, industries, and even companies depending on who your desired audience is. We also analyse your competitors and ensure your product stands out from your competition.  This is what makes TopEngage + Google a winning combination!


See us as an on-line extension of your marketing department

We understand the medical business and we also know marketing. Our mission is to bring you leads and new customers.