Biotech Advertising

Reaching consumers online has proven to be an effective lead generation process today. Numerous medical companies have moved their marketing budgets from offline to online. The good news is, advertising online is getting more and more intelligent and biotech advertising online is evolving as well. Targeting a specific types of buyers has never been easier. 

As a scientific person, you’ll appreciate this trend. Hypotheses, testing, tracking and analyzing …online marketing is increasingly scientific. It’s time to apply some of what you learned in the lab to your next campaign.


The right buyers

Make right buyers come to you instead of pushing out your message into a competitive landscape

We bring more leads

Whether you offer a product or a service, our advertising generates quality leads at a low cost

Legal requirements

Biotech is a hot topic and an extremely regulated one. We follow the ethics policies & regulations.

biotech companies are in China, Asia’s top biotech country, a formidable rival to the U.S
42 %
of materials distributed by pharma manufacturers to physicians in US did not comply with regulations
immunotherapy drugs are now in the pipeline of biotech companies to fight cancer

Biotech Products We Market

» Antibiotics
» Biopharmaceuticals
» Stem Cell Products

» Fermented drinks & foods
» Therapeutic Antibodies
» Recombinant Proteins


How Can LinkedIn Ads Help You Reaching The Right Buyers?

  • You can easily get quality leads from your ads on LinkedIn using pre-filled forms with the user’s LinkedIn profile information.
  • We market your products to professionals who oversee procurement and are likely to buy from you. You select the audience and we'll bring leads.
  • In terms of targeting, you are able to drill down to a specific role. For example, you can get to a clinician who is directly in charge of decision-making at a clinic.
  • We will also display the value of your product. Showing its efficiency and outcome will generate more leads than focusing on product-first.

What Can Google Do For Your B2B Sales?

We are a Google Certified agency so we know our way around the tangle of regulations and ethical codes that surround the medical industry in cyberspace. For example, different countries have different policies when it comes to online advertising for biotech products.  However, our extensive knowledge of these regulations will ensure your marketing is 100% compliant.

Secondly, our other top priority is getting you qualified leads!  We target particular countries, professions, industries, and even companies depending on who your desired audience is. We also analyse your competitors and ensure your product stands out from your competition.  This is what makes TopEngage + Google a winning combination!


See us as an on-line extension of your marketing department

We understand the medical business and we also know marketing. Our mission is to bring you leads and new customers.
"We have been working with TopEngage for more than 2 years and during this period they have successfully managed our large global advertising campaigns. We have independently validated that our campaigns are both fully optimized and are providing a significantly higher number of conversions for essentially the same budget."
Enrico Bisello
Beike Biotechnology


In medical and healthcare advertising, credibility and trust is all-important. Spelling errors and bad grammar is disastrous to ad campaign performance

Graphics design

Designing graphics that suits your ad campaigns is all important. Studies show that humans get 80% of their information from visual input. Graphics for ads needs to be specialized

Video creation

Video is the most powerful tool when it comes to advertising online. Testimonials, explainers and facility presentations can drive leads. We can help you create the perfect video for your ads