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Oksana Petersen, Founder

Oksana Petersen, Founder

Oksana Petersen, Founder

Oksana Petersen, Founder

"Not doing effective online marketing is like opening a store and not telling anyone."

Oksana Petersen, Founder & Executive Marketing Director



Medical Online Marketing Courses and Workshops

We provide customized workshops and courses to healthcare facilities working in the B2C sector and medical companies targeting B2B customers to help you increase your company’s digital marketing knowledge.
Offering flexible, customized training, we typically deliver our workshops within 1-2 days at your office or chosen location.

Reasons to consider a marketing workshop with us:

  • You want to increase your patient/client numbers and are not getting this from your current online marketing campaigns.

  • You’ve experienced an increase in competition and want to distinguish yourself in the industry.

  • Your marketing department is excellent at running off-line marketing campaigns, but you wish to increase your online presence through enriching their online skills.

  • You want to identify new online channels suitable for your business which you’ve not considered previously.

Who will be facilitating the workshop?

The course will be run by medical online marketing professionals who have worked in the industry for more than 7 years.

The workshop will be tailored to your company profile, business strategy and the background and skills of attendees.

Our team members have both medical and corporate backgrounds, so we fully understand your business’ industry.

Our workshops are designed to easily understand the principles of online marketing and then successfully apply it in practice.

The workshop is interactive and involves active participation. It includes solving cases as well as working online in real time, but the structure will be tailored specifically to your experience and skills.

What will you learn from the workshop?

» How to utilize data-driven marketing concepts and navigate the vast landscape of digital marketing tools and techniques.

» How to utilize data-driven marketing concepts and navigate the vast landscape of digital marketing tools and techniques.

» How to determine appropriate channels to reach your target audiences.

» Ways to gain proficiency with search marketing, content, email, social media, LinkedIn and video marketing.  We will specifically work with the channels that fit your business.

» How you can measure, analyze and optimize the performance of campaigns using Google Analytics and other fundamental tools.  

» How to optimize your website for conversions: The Do’s and Don’ts.

» Finally, if you are a healthcare facility, we will teach you how to gain new patients. If you are a medical company looking for new clients, we will ensure that after our course your acquisitions increase.

We also offer strategic workshops for management teams helping them map their business strategy with an online marketing presence. Learn how to align your strategic business goals to fit with a modern online marketing strategy, how to mitigate risks and handle reputation efficiently, all whilst complying with the regulations and laws governing medical and healthcare marketing.