Online Advertising for Fertility Clinics

IVF & Fertility Tourism is Growing

More people today seek reproductive treatments outside their national boundaries due to cost savings and regulations.

We Know The Regulations

Advertising of fertility treatments is strictly regulated. However, we know the guidelines. As a Google partner, we only do ethical medical marketing for reproductive fertility clinics in accordance with current policies .

We Understand Your Business

Our knowledge of this patient group, along with precise targeting, will increase your patient numbers at a lower cost.

Patient focus

TRUST is the main factor that will determine whether or not patients choose your clinic. We know how to position your clinic on the market, and also how to advertise it with a strict patient focus.

+ 20 K
couples receive IVF abroad every year
+ 40 M
patients in China have fertility problems
18 %
annual increase in fertility tourism to South East Asia

Some of the Fertility Treatments We Can Market

  • In-vitro fertilization
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
  • Sex selection (gender selection)
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
  • Frozen embryo transfer
  • Egg freezing (vitrification)

Recommended advertising channels for Fertility Clinics:

Google Ads

As a certified Google Ads partner we know the regulations and restricted policies of online marketing for fertility treatments. Therefore, our ethical medical marketing for reproductive fertility clinics ensures your ads are:

  • compliant
  • credible, and also
  • professional

Facebook management and advertising

Facebook is an excellent marketing channel for fertility clinics and treatments. Because it allows for marketing to very narrow patient groups, we can target them with pinpoint accuracy! This may be individuals who take part in discussion forums. Or it may be those who have researched fertility-related options online. 

Yandex Ads

Medical tourists from Russia are increasing due to growing middle and upper classes. However, the fertility sector is highly regulated in Russia. Therefore, many patients are looking for options in other countries. What is Yandex? Yandex is a Russian Google, and we are one of only a few Western agencies offering Yandex advertising. As with Google, very targeted Yandex marketing strategies will find the right patients.
Why choose us for your Yandex reproductive fertility clinics marketing? Due to the highly regulated nature of the Russian fertility sector, you can’t put ‘any old ad’ up. The ads must be compliant with these regulations. At TopEngage, we know all the rules. Hence, we can make sure your marketing and ads comply 100% with all relevant regulations.

57% of UK patients who received IVF abroad said that cost savings and more advanced research & development were two major factors why they chose travelling to another destination.

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