The plastic surgery industry is a and the need to stand out from the competition has never been more important. We at TopEngage are experts in international marketing of plastic surgery treatments and aesthetic procedures. We know your business, we know the industry and we know what your potential patients are looking for​

Online Marketing for Plastic Surgery Clinics

Plastic Surgery Tourism is Growing

33% of those who traveled for medical tourism got a cosmetic surgery done. We know your industry and we know your patients.

International Patients

We recruit international patients who are already looking for plastic surgery treatments you provide. We help them to find and chose you.

More Patients At A Lower Cost

We have a track record of getting clinics fully booked at a much lower cost than their previous marketing expenses.

Patients Safety

Patient safety promotion is an essential feature when marketing aesthetic treatments. We know the rules of ethical & credible marketing.

11 %
annual increase in men getting a plastic & cosmetic surgeries
45 %
increase in females getting a labiaplasty since 2016
29 %
increase in liposuction and body lifting surgeries

Breast augmentation continues to be the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure, followed by liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), and breast lifts, according to ISAPS.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Treatments We Market: 

  • Eye Surgeries (double eyelid, canthoplasty, ptosis, etc.,)
  • Rhinoplasty 
  • Breast Surgeries (Augmentation and lifting)
  • Liposuction
  • Anti-Aging (Face Lift, Fat graft, Fillers, Eye bag removal)
  • Facial Contouring (Cheekbones, jaw, chin surgeries)
  • Female Genital Surgeries
  • Aesthetic surgeries targeting male audience
  • Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation
  •  Aesthetic injections and non-surgical treatments
"We highly recommend Topengage! Outstanding result and extremely communicative. Our sales have been improved drastically just in 6 months’ time. They will only promise you what they can do for you. Very honest and promising company!"
Pitangui Plastic Surgery Hospital
Seoul, South Korea

Get More International Patients

Lower Your Recruitment Cost By 70%​

Recommended marketing channels for Plastic Surgery Clinics

Google Ads

As a certified Google Ads partner and professionals with business and medical backgrounds, we know how to promote your specialized treatments. Google Search Ads in particular is difficult to advertise aesthetic treatments on due to “body shaming” policies and regulations, also different rules and regulations apply to different countries. We know the regulations and how to advertise ethically and according to the law.

Facebook management and advertising

We suggest Facebook as a marketing channel for plastic surgery clinics and hospitals. Facebook offers sophisticated targeting options which, together with the right content and ads, will generate conversions. 

Yandex Ads

Medical tourists from Russia are increasing dramatically, if you are targeting international patients and Russian citizens are among them, we recommend using Yandex to reach the Russian speaking audience. Yandex is the Russian version of Google. As one of very few companies outside Russia we work directly with Yandex through our agency account

15.6% of all surgical procedures performed worldwide in 2017 was breast augmentation, making it 1.677.320 surgeries in total.

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,  ISAPS