The number of patients travelling for orthopedic procedures has increased over the past several years. This is largely due to an increasingly ageing population in many developed countries. Hospitals and clinics specialising in orthopedic procedures therefore need more than ever before. So, their advertising must showcase their professionalism and excellence. Likewise, it should also distinguish them from the competition. Our quality medical marketing for orthopedic clinics does exactly that! It showcases even as it also sets apart, and that's a win win situation.

Online Marketing for Orthopedic Clinics

Lower Ad Cost

We have a proven track record of lowering conversion rates whilst also getting clinics fully booked.

Medical Tourism

We take care of online reputation management. In addition, we're also able to position clinics as world-class orthopedic treatment options.

Get More Patients

We combine expertise in medical science and marketing. Therefore, we know about precise ad positioning. We also know how to attract the right patient groups.

Right Patient Groups

Patients looking for orthopedic treatments are seniors with savings available. We know this patient group, and how to reach them.

40 %
of inquiries to the Medical Tourism Association (USA) are regarding orthopedic procedures
52 %
the average cost savings for orthopedic surgery in Asia compared to Europe and USA
62 %
of orthopedic patients in USA confirmed they are willing to travel abroad for a cheaper treatment

The most common orthopedic and spinal surgery procedures for which patients pursue medical tourism include: hip replacement/resurfacing, knee replacement, arthroscopy/joint reconstruction, laminectomy/spinal decompression, and disk space reconstruction/disk replacement (Horowitz & Jones, 2007).

Orthopedic Surgery Treatments We Market:

» Knee replacement
Hip replacement
Hip resurfacing
Shoulder joint replacement
Anterior cruciate ligament repair

» Spinal fusion
Total disc replacement
Arthroscopy/joint reconstruction
Laminectomy/spinal decompression

Recommended advertising channels for Orthopedic Clinics

Google Ads

Google’s refined targeting options allow us to target seniors who are: 

  • already looking for orthopedic surgeries, and also
  • willing to travel abroad for medical treatment. 

Our expertise in medical marketing for orthopedic clinics will therefore increase the odds that they’ll choose your clinic!

Facebook advertising

  • 72% of online users aged between 50-64 years use Facebook*, and
  • 62% of online users aged 65+ use Facebook*

* source –

Firstly, these are your main patient target groups! Secondly, effective Facebook medical marketing for orthopedic clinics is what we’re experts at. So, with the right targeting and messages, we display your orthopedic treatment options to this audience. That means your clinic gets the right exposure, and the right message, to the right target group. This ensures those who wouldn’t normally find your clinic, do. And that’s more patients heading into your clinic, with a flow on increase to your bottom line.

Yandex advertising in Russia

The middle and upper classes are growing in Russia and, like much of the developed world, a rising number of them are also ageing. That’s exciting news for you as an orthopedic clinic! It means there are now more patients than ever before that require orthopedic treatment, and are also willing to travel abroad for it. Then, when they go online to research their treatment options, we make sure they find your clinic! Many of them will also use Yandex, which is the Russian alternative to Google.  And, as is the case with Google, highly targeted Yandex marketing will find these patients for your clinic. 

Why choose us for your Yandex orthopedic marketing?

  • Firstly, TopEngage is one of only a few Yandex ad partners outside Russia, 
  • Second, we also know all the legal ‘stuff’ and the rules for medical marketing for orthopedic clinics within and outside Russia.  Therefore, we can ensure your marketing and your ads are 100% compliant with all relevant regulations.

75% of orthopedic medical tourist confirmed that they travel abroad for treatment because of cost savings on the procedure.

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, AAOS

"We have been working with TopEngage for more than 2 years and during this period they have successfully managed our large global advertising campaigns. We have independently validated that our campaigns are both fully optimized and are providing a significantly higher number of conversions for essentially the same budget."
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Shenzhen, China

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