The Best Way To Reach Russian Patients

Russian Market

Tailor your marketing campaigns to Russian patients looking for treatments/services abroad.

B2B Marketing

Send your message to Russian speaking professionals who are looking for a product/service like yours.

Tailored ads

Customize your offer to the Russian speaking individuals across the world. Boost sales & get new clients.

Get found on Russia’s largest search engine.

We know the regulations & we SPeak the language

Russian online space is highly regulated, especially when it comes to medical marketing. Your service, products or facility will be scrutinized before being allowed to be advertised. We know the requirement for getting you into the Russian online market.

Yandex vs Google in Russia

Russia is the largest Internet market in all of Europe with 75 million users - and they all prefer Yandex instead of Google.

Precise targeting

Yandex is much like other search engine advertising as it allows targeting native Russian speakers from searching for your service to easily find it

Ongoing improvement

Like other search channels a Yandex campaign takes time to mature, depending on your budget it can take between 2 and 6 months to get optimal results

Affordable & trackable

You will be able to know exactly how much you spend on each client lead for a specific treatment or service. We will show monthly trends to prove results are getting better

68% of the Russian search market is dominated by Yandex.


Why Should You Consider Yandex?

  • The most-visited website in Russia isn’t Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, or Wikipedia. It’s Yandex. Yandex is by far the dominant player in the Russian search market.​
  • Russians still struggle with English language, we ensure that you reach them in Russian language with a message that appeals to cultural specifics.
  • Russia's middle class is growing as is their income level. Russians now travel more and seek more advanced services abroad
"We would highly recommend TopEngage to anyone who is utilizing online advertising on Yandex and who is concerned about maximizing their results."
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Reach The Russian Market

Yandex is the Russian version of Google, millions of people search for things like healthcare treatments, aesthetics and dental care on it.  

We Are Specialists

Set up by Russian speaking specialists Our Yandex Direct campaign contains everything needed for clients who want to advertise in Russian. Russia is a highly restricted market when it comes to healthcare advertising, we know the rules and can usually get international healthcare providers approved.


This package will cover everything you need for running a successful online Yandex Ad campaign
$ 690
Monthly / Excluding Ad Spend
  • We advertise your facility and 6 treatments or products
  • Unlimited keywords, ads and ad groups
  • Unlimited Countries - Russian Language Campaign
  • Real time dashboard, advanced tailored reports
  • Yandex Direct search ads only
  • Addons: Products, services, languages, display, video
  • No Limit on Ad Spend
  • Chat, Phone and Email Support and Consultation
  • You own the account and all associated data
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Management Fee
  • No Long Term Contract - Quit When You Want

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