"All today’s patients are online, that’s where they spend the most of their free time. Our background in the medical industry allows us to help our clients to reach the right patient groups at the right time. Our industry knowledge ensures that we send the right message across on the right channel."
Oksana Petersen
Founder & Executive Marketing Manager

Marketing for Hospitals and Clinics

International Patients

Reach prospective patients from your location or in any other country. We bring you the right patient groups

Cut out the middle man

Avoid expensive facilitators and referrals. Our leads are 50% - 70% cheaper than traditional channels

Lower Cost Per Patient

Do you know your cost of recruiting a patient? If not, can help you determine that cost and then reduce it

Patients on Demand

Target locations with expensive dental or inadequate medical care and patients willing to travel for advanced treatments

Get More International Patients

Lower Your Recruitment Cost By 70%

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of increasing the number of patients for our clients through tailored online advertising. There is no ‘one size fits all’, we understand how to market the right treatments to the right patient groups in the right way. We have a track record of increasing the number of recruited patients while lowering cost per recruitment. 

Strict Focus on Business

We start with marketing your most profitable treatments. Once the conversion rate is high and you are at maximum capacity for those treatments, we move to advertise the rest. We focus entirely on your profitability, not clicks, followers, likes, impressions or other cosmetic factors. We can adjust lead generation according to seasonality and your occupancy rate

Money Back Guarantee

If you are uncertain about joining us, we are more than happy to provide you with a client reference that you can talk to before deciding. With our 30 day money back guarantee on our fees, you don’t have much to lose

86 %
of patients will search for medical services online.
33 %
of patients traveled abroad for cosmetic surgery.
48 %
of patients would be interested in engaging in medical tourism.

Tried Before - Didn't Work ?

Perhaps you have tried online marketing before, but it didn’t work? We know that it works when done right. The majority of our clients unsuccessfully tried online marketing before and were convinced it doesn't work. We changed their mind by simply delivering more patients at a lower cost than traditional channels. Using an agency with industry knowledge is the key to success.

While many online ad channels promote themselves as easy to use and self-service, you have to remember that you are up against agencies like ours when it comes to competing for position, leads and lowest cost per acquisition. Our survival depends on achieving great results and we know all the tricks. Using us for online marketing is a less costly and fully measurable way of recruiting patients at your clinic.
"We highly recommend Topengage! Outstanding result and extremely communicative. Our sales have been improved drastically just in 6 months’ time. They will only promise you what they can do for you. Very honest and promising company!"
Pitangui Plastic Surgery Hospital
Seoul, South Korea

We Look At The Entire Flow Of Your Business

  • Establish a tracking system, from initial message or call to a patient visit, to ensure that your return on investment is measured.
  • Find, target and deliver whole new patient groups, get patients on demand for your preferred treatments
  • Analyze your competitors to find out how to differentiate your services and facilities and how they market themselves
  • Deliver efficient and cost-conscious marketing practices that focus on reputation, image and results

Recommended marketing channels for Hospitals & Clinics

Google Ads

As a certified Google Ads partner and professionals with business and medical backgrounds, we know how to promote your specialized treatments. Google Search Ads in particular is difficult to advertise healthcare services on as different rules and regulations apply to different countries. We know the regulations and how to advertise ethically and according to the law

Facebook management and advertising

We suggest Facebook as a marketing channel for clinics and hospitals offering specialist treatments which might inspire prospective patients or their relatives to contact you. Facebook offers sophisticated targeting options which, together with the right content and ads, will generate conversions. We do not recommend Facebook for general practices. 

Yandex Ads

Medical tourism from Russia is increasing dramatically, if you are targeting international patients and Russian citizens are among them, we recommend using Yandex to reach the Russian speaking audience. Yandex is the Russian version of Google. As one of very few companies outside Russia we work directly with Yandex through our agency account

56% of those who research health topics online search for certain treatments or medical procedures.

Healthcare Statistics in United States. HealthPAC online

Perfectly Positioned

Our convenient base in Hong Kong allow us to work with clients across the entire APAC and EU regions. Our online-based work platform lets us deliver our services flexibly and proactively with clients in all time zones.

We specialize in working with clinics in Asia who wish to attract patients from Asian and Western countries. We also offer our services to European medical facilities who offer advanced specialized treatments and wish to attract new patients from other countries


Search Advertising

Patients and relatives will research conditions and treatments online. We will get your offer in front of them when they do

Social Media

We advertise and manage profiles on all major social media channels that are relevant for healthcare businesses

Medical Webdesign

We advice on your web strategy and design mobile friendly website that sell and follow the complex regulations of the industry

Content Creation

Without credible content you will lose customers. When it comes to medical marketing, following the regulations and laws is also important

Business Development

Using our background in corporate and medical, we guide you through improving your recruitment process from initial lead to final sale.


Video ads are the most effective way of engaging an audience. We can help you with videos that showcase your facility and treatments


Use us as an addon to your marketing department or let us do everything you need online. We can provide on-site workshops to train your marketing department or we can develop an online marketing strategy with your executive team.

As a full service healthcare marketing agency, we have the full range of services you need to excel online

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