The best B2B marketing platform

Whether you are selling medical devices, laboratory equipment or any other med-tech products. LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B sales.

Network of professional buyers

With over 450 million users, LinkedIn has proven to be a viable and quantifiable marketing resource for companies in the B2B space.

Increase your sales at predictable a cost

LinkedIn ads provide the fast track to qualified, high value business leads, the easy way to find new B2B customers

Linkedln users are decisionmakers

91% of executives rated Linkedln as their number one choice for professionally relevant content.*

*Source: Sophisticated-Marketers-Guide-to-LinkedIn-v03.12.pdf

Why Choose LinkedIn?

Are you a pharmaceutical company, or do you sell medical devices or laboratory equipment? Have you tried sending hundreds of sales e-mails, running ineffective marketing and PR campaigns or simply made too many sales calls without getting any results?

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B marketing because it is viewed as a database of professionals and businesses from all industries. Advertising on LinkedIn will directly expose your brand, products and services to experts and decision makers who work in your target industries and positions.

We can get your ads in front of people based on location, age job titles, industries and even individual companies, the more targeted your campaign is, the more quality leads you get. We identify your target audience with both ads and engaging and share-worthy content and finally implement, test and monitor your ads to get the best quality score, high ranking, low cost per click and good ad placement.

Let us help you to:

Create highly professional, sophisticated and informative ads with a value proposition.

Analyze your competitors and position you as a leading expert in the market.

Display your ads and messages only to professionals and industries you wish to contact.

Place targeted ads in the world’s most professional feed where your content captures the attention of relevant professionals.

Generate relevant inquiries and leads from companies you wish to do business with.

Consider us as an online  add-on to your marketing department. 

Our goal is to bring you clients

Our marketing strategy doesn’t just promote your services; we tailor ad campaigns in order to target the right consumers through identifying the needs and behaviors of each particular consumer group.

Since we specialize in medical marketing, our staff has background from medical industry, has excellent knowledge of marketing "know-how" as well as having years of experience working in large corporations where profit is everything.

Our goal is to bring you clients and increase your sales.

We expose your products or services only to professionals who are in charge of purchases and are likely to buy from you. Whether you are interested in your brand promotion or getting inquiries from potential clients, we are the right agency to help you.

We can advertise products & services including:

Medical Devices



Information Technology

Healthcare Services

Laboratory Equipment

"We have been working with TopEngage for more than 2 years and during this period they have successfully managed our large global advertising campaigns. We have independently validated that our campaigns are both fully optimized and are providing a significantly higher number of conversions for essentially the same budget."
Enrico Bisello
Beike Biotechnology


In medical and healthcare advertising, credibility and trust is all-important. Spelling errors and bad grammar is disastrous to ad campaign performance

Graphics design

Designing graphics that suits your ad campaigns is all important. Studies show that humans get 80% of their information from visual input. Graphics for ads needs to be specialized

Video creation

Video is the most powerful tool when it comes to advertising online. Testimonials, explainers and facility presentations can drive leads. We can help you create the perfect video for your ads

Perfectly Positioned

Our convenient bases in Hong Kong and Sweden allow us to work with clients across the entire APAC and EU regions. Our online-based work platform lets us deliver our services flexibly and proactively with clients in all time zones.

We specialize in working with clients in Asia who wish to attract customers from Asian and Western countries. Conversely, we also offer our services to European companies who wish to attract new customers from other countries.

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