• We can deliver your message directly to professionals you want to target
  • Target your audience by the industry, position, company size, background and geographical location
  • Increase your brand awareness through online marketing with a small budget
  • Advance your lead management and lead nurturing efforts
  • We help you to embed physician and patient insights into the commercial process of advertising
  • In terms of targeting you are able to drill down to a specific role, for example, a radiologist who is directly in charge of making a purchase
  • Find and inform qualified prospects before the sales team reaches out
  • Get in touch with prospects, inform decision makers, stay ahead of the competition and monitor relevant conversations where people have problems that you can solve
  • Through Linked In, we can manage your company profile to ensure you get more leads
  • Some of our Account Managers have an extensive experience from the medical industry
  • We can work as an extension of your marketing department
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Medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical or medical technology marketing requires exceptional attention to detail and clarity of communication. It also demands a depth of understanding of how to engage varying audiences – patients, caregivers, referring physicians, donors, media…

We help medical device manufacturers, medical benefits companies, and other B2B healthcare firms develop a robust content strategy that relates to SEO, social media and online advertising campaigns.

The target groups for B2B medical marketing:

  • Doctors and Hospitals – to convince them about the efficacy of your drug & other products and encourage them to prescribe your products over competitors
  • Distributors and Pharmacies – so that they stock your products
  • Research – sometimes you will be dealing with consumers in the case of market research.

We deliver complex personalized messages through various channels increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Medical Marketing Is Changing

Medical companies need to demonstrate that their brand adds value to patients and they have to offer a package of products and health services that the market not only wants and needs but is willing to pay a premium for. Some facts to consider for medical companies and their marketing strategy:

  • The boundaries between different forms of healthcare are blurring
  • Governments are beginning to focus on prevention rather than treatment
  • Develop plans for marketing and selling specialist therapies
  • Create cultures that are suitable for marketing specialist healthcare packages
  • Manage multi-country launches and live licensing
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LinkedIn advertising

Why Choose LinkedIn Medical B2B Marketing?

  • You can target your audience by the industry, position, company size, background and geographical location
  • Professionals primarily use LinkedIn to do background research on people/businesses and services and to get informed about the latest trends in specific industries
  • You can measure results with a real-time data
  • You can choose to display different kinds of ads: image, text or sponsored which appear the viewers feed
  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ad
  • You can track the calls, e-mails, sales and other conversions
  • LinkedIn is the best platform for leads generation
  • You can advertise in specific discussion groups related to your industry

What's next?

  • Get in touch, tell us about your goals and your unique selling points
  • We will look at your market and offer and give you honest feedback
  • We will evaluate your website and tell you if we belive it will sell
  • We will analyze the market and your competitors for you
  • We will propose a campaign structured for your needs
  • Based on your strategy, markets and channels we give you an affordable price
  • If we don't think we can help you we will propose a way forward so we can.

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