How To Succeed With Marketing Of Your Medical Practice?

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In today’s world of increasingly tech-savvy patients who prefer to do their due diligence before entrusting their health with just any old health care facility, health care providers need to be more aware than ever before of the value of patient focused marketing.  That and ensuring their marketing efforts establish and build trust with their target market.

Use Your Outcomes Data – That’s Why You Collected It!

One of the first things you can do is identify your strengths and weaknesses using what is referred to as ‘outcomes data’.  If you’ve been collecting this data correctly, it will give you good insights about your service quality and patient satisfaction rates.  This is valuable patient centric marketing material.  It can be used to persuade potential patients you’re exactly the right health care professional for them.  However, don’t go overboard with statistics, facts, and figures, even your own, because that can get boring fast.  Include just enough to be convincing but not enough to switch them off.

This data will also help you plan, but don’t forget to document as you go along.  If you can’t remember where you’ve been in the past, it’s hard to figure out where you’re going in the future, or how to get there without repeating past mistakes.

The Medical Blog Is Queen, And Relevant Content Is Its King

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis

There’s good reason why blogs now proliferate the online space.  They’re the perfect vehicle for establishing yourself as an expert, sharing world shattering news in your industry, providing information about topics relevant to your goods and services, earning respect, and establishing trust within your market.  You should take the time to set one up if you haven’t already.  A medical blog will go a long way towards developing social proof and convincing your audience that you have what it takes to be their health care partner.  If you’re able to keep abreast of the latest health care developments, breakthrough cures, and drug information so much the better.  It all helps establish your trustworthiness.

Or Better Still, Utilise Video

Statistics tell a story, and they tell us current generations of information seekers increasingly prefer to watch and listen rather than read.  Humour them.  If you have content or something to say that suits video, present it that way.  It will also expand your patient marketing reach to those who may have literacy problems.

To Answer Common Questions

One of the best SEO tactics, and it aligns perfectly with patient focused marketing, is to make a list of the most common questions you get asked, and answer them.  You can do this either by video as appropriate, through your blog, or through a comprehensive FAQ section on your website.  It’s an excellent opportunity to prove your expertise, and reassure your readers they can safely entrust their health to your capable hands.

People Prefer To Deal With People – The Importance Of “Humanising” A Business

People are just as interested in the personalities behind a service as they are in the service itself.  Take the time to give your team an identity beyond being just a voice at the other end of a telephone call, or a set of fingers responding to email enquiries.  Feature them on your website along with a brief bio and connect in a more human way with your online visitors.

The Power Of Social Media, Customer Reviews, And Other Online Health Authority Sites

One of the things most potential patients will do these days is search online for customer and company reviews.  We don’t mean those dodgy review sites either that clearly either pay for positive, albeit fake reviews.  Nor are we talking about so-called review sites that are just marketing sites themselves for, surprise, surprise, a competitor.  We’re talking about firstly building your own powerful social media presence where your page is an outlet for your patients to leave their reviews.  Nothing builds trust or is a more powerful marketing tool than genuine customer reviews.  There are also legitimate authority sites out there that provide valuable information and feedback for people looking for genuine, unbiased information about service providers they’re considering using.  These are all things you need to consider as part of a trustworthy, patient focused marketing policy.

To sum up and paraphrasing a well known quote, effective patient focused marketing is all about selling “the health care problems you solve, and trust in the health care services you provide”.  Need help to do this? Online advertising experts TopEngage could be just who you’re looking for.