• Studies show that having followers on Twitter and Facebook increases appointment bookings
  • Patients are more likely than ever to seek medical information & recommendations on social media sites
  • Your target audience is almost certainly on Facebook since 1.7 billion people are using it
  • You can target the audience based on age, location, demographics and interests
  • You can build brand awareness, engage your existing patients and customers, get new followers or showcase your unique sales propositions
  • Social media is great for promoting products and services that people don’t know they want or need.

The Modern Link To Effective Patient Engagement

It is a common mistake to see social media as “just another media channel” that it is not suitable for medical businesses. That is a a myth. The whole idea of social media marketing is that it is an incredibly interactive channel where it’s all about a two-way communication and dialogue.

People spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media and Facebook is too huge for a business of any size to ignore. The average person spends 28 percent of his or her time online on social networks–or 1.72 hours per day. Facebook has a user base larger than the population of China. You can bet that your patients and customers are on Facebook!

With 1.7 billion members worldwide and 25 billion ad clicks per year, Facebook is providing businesses with the greatest advertising opportunity since search. So yes, your audience is on there somewhere – it’s just a matter of finding them. We will help you to select your target audience based on demographics, behaviors, hobbies, languages and geographical locations.

  • Facebook allows medical businesses to promote customized ads or content targeting a specific audience (certain patient groups).
  • Since Facebook gets tons of data from their users when they enter it voluntarily on their profiles (things like age, location, and interests), they have a good idea of what users like.
  • We can help you to laser target your ads (text or/and image ads) to reach the audience you want. With Facebook, you choose your audience, get their attention and convert into your patients and customers
  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ad
  • Facebook helps to build brand awareness, inform and engage your existing patients and customers, get new followers or show your unique sales propositions.
  • We create laser targeted interactive ads with a high-Quality Score and an excellent Click Through Rate.
  • We apply behavioral and demographic filters on your audience to target a narrow group of people who are interested in your service (behavioral and interest targeting), who recently checked out your business (re-targeting), and who can afford to buy your services or product (demographic targeting), you will get the leads and increase your sales.

What Is The Difference Between Search Engine And Social Media Marketing?

The thing to keep in mind with Facebook ads is that they’re passive. That means they’re shown when the consumer isn’t necessarily in the buying mood, unlike in the search engine where customers actively look for products similar to yours. So, if you plan to use Facebook ads to sell your product directly, what you’re selling will greatly determine the success of your campaign. We use to tell our clients that B2C advertising on Facebook will be more successful than B2B (we suggest Linked In advertising for B2B marketing).

Which Facebook Ads Fit Your Business?

The first step is deciding on what kind of ads you want to market your business with. Facebook offers several ad formats to appear in viewers feed. To start with, adding a relevant image of your product or service can be one of the most influential factors in determining the success of your Facebook ads. It is proven that compelling pictures and videos encourage your target audiences to engage more than just plain text ads.

We can create Facebook ads with images provided by you or we can create interactive ads with help from our partner designer team. We adjust images, add text that fits your business goal and finishes with a “call to action” which is hard to ignore.

The essence of successful Facebook advertising is serving engaging ads to the right audience. We continually manage ad placement with real-time testing, select the target audience and make sure that “call to action” is completed.

What's next?

  • Get in touch, tell us about your goals and your unique selling points
  • We will look at your market and offer and give you honest feedback
  • We will evaluate your website and tell you if we belive it will sell
  • We will analyze the market and your competitors for you
  • We will propose a campaign structured for your needs
  • Based on your strategy, markets and channels we give you an affordable price
  • If we don't think we can help you we will propose a way forward so we can.

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