“We have been working with TopEngage for more than 1 year and during this period they have successfully managed our large global AdWords campaign. We have independently validated that our campaigns are both fully optimized and are providing a significantly higher number of conversions for essentially the same budget.”

Enrico Bisello, Beike Biotechnology Ltd.


Medical Marketing on Google

Patients on Demand

Target locations with expensive healthcare & patients willing to travel for advanced treatment. You choose your patient groups.

Lower Marketing Costs

We have a history of lowering advertising budgets for our clients while we increase the number of their patients/clients.

Precise tracking of inquiries

Establish a tracking system, from initial message or call to a patient visit, to ensure that your return on investment is measured.

International Patients/Clients

Google allows you to reach a specific group of international patients looking for a treatment like yours.

Everything you need to excel on Google


We only use natural SEO techniques, which focuses on SEO friendly content. If your site has been damaged by bad SEO, we can help

Google Maps

It's important that clients and business partners can find you, so we put your business on google maps and maintain your presence there.

Google My Business

When people search for your company you want to make a great impression. "My business" is the service that enables you to manage reviews

Google Search console

We make sure your site is configured optimally for google, we monitor for broken links and keep an eye on your average position on search phrases.

Google Analytics

Your site has to be connected to Google Analytics. We'll set it up and use it to analyze visitor behavior and site performance.


YouTube is owned by Google, it's an integrated part of a global online marketing strategy. We can manage your channels for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Tailored Google AdWords strategies – No “one size fits all.”
  • Experienced AdWords managers and industry-leading experts.
  • No contracts, full transparency, and full ownership. No surprises!
  • Flat Monthly Fee, we charge no mark-up on your ad spend!

Medical advertising is a highly regulated market

Have confidence that we understand the complex legal and ethical advertising regulations surrounding medical and healthcare marketing. Our continuous partnership with Google ensures that our marketing strategies are in line with current guidelines.

As medical marketers, we understand paid advertising and assure you that by choosing it you will not only have new patients and appointments, but you’ll achieve this in a cost-effective way. You set your own budget, and we can assist you with the entire ad management process including flat monthly fee, no hidden costs and no long-term contracts.

4 M
Businesses Advertise On Google worldwide
80 %
of global Internet users are reached by Google’s ads
45 %
of people can’t tell that a result is from a paid search

We are A Certified Google AdWords Partner

We bring you International Clients

Google AdWords campaign settings make it possible to reach your specific target audiences, exactly when you want to get them, so it’s essential to get them right. 

Based on your most profitable products or services you wish to promote, we will set up campaigns that target the right client groups in your chosen locations. 

Our advertising promotes the unique selling points of your facility or product and addresses the concerns of potential clients. 

Unlike other agencies, we don’t care about the number of clicks you get, we only count the number of inquiries and patient bookings you get.


We recommend a simple flat rate fee structure. Our fees are not based on your budget, but on the number of products you wish to market and the number of languages you wish to market in

If you want a custom fee structure designed for your business model we can work with that as well

We have no hidden costs and no binding contracts. A satisfied customer doesn’t leave

If you are not satisfied with our services after 30 days we will issue a 100% unconditional refund of our fees



For some businesses, results are seen the moment we activate the campaign, but for most customers there will be a period of analyzing user behavior on your site and adapting both campaigns and web pages for optimal results. A good campaign usually takes several months to build. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are probably lying.


You may have heard this term; it is also called invalid clicks. Websites make money from customers clicking on ads and some rogue sites will hire people to click those (your) ads. It is also done by competitors who will click your ads multiple times to exhaust your daily ad budget, preventing your ads from showing that day. The majority of these clicks are caught and refunded by Google, but it can take a while. While you are waiting for your funds to be returned, your ads are no longer being displayed.

We have advanced systems in place to detect and prevent this by not allowing your ads to show over and over again to the same person, or computer, running click fraud software. Twice a year we request a manual audit of your account from Google to make sure our systems are performing flawlessly.

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