Chances are you will spend a lot of valuable time and money without getting any results. You are up against companies like ours that do this for a living. Spend your time selling your profitable services and developing your business instead.

No. Any agency that promises you thousands of followers or likes quickly are buying them. There is a whole industry selling likes, followers, clicks etc. We could easily get you 1000 followers for 20$ but we don’t work that way. If you work hard with your favorite social network you will eventually get followers but these days, even with followers, small and medium businesses don’t stand a chance against advertisers and corporations on google or the popular social networks.


That may have worked 5 years ago, today all search engines and social media networks prioritize selling ads. A search for a popular product or service on google will give you half a page of top placed ads on a desktop, and a full page on mobile. 47% of users will click an ad and only 15% will go to the second page of search results (which is also filled with ads)

In 2017, global spending on online ads surpassed TV commercials for the first time, In 2017 global spending on online advertising was $209 Billion worldwide, this is because advertising online works. However, choosing the right channel for your product and having a good website is essential for success. 

For example, Facebook and Instagram ads are good for inspiring people to buy products and services they don’t know they want. Like teeth whitening, health retreats, health checkups, beauty treatments and other impulse services. For Google you can advertise to people who are searching for what you offer, like expensive specialized medical treatments or medical devices. 

The default settings on all ad networks are usually not to your benefit, you need to know what you are doing to get value for money. Keep in mind that if you try it yourself or in-house without certified specialists, you are competing with companies like ours who live and breathe to out-compete your ads.


Today 70% of all searches are mobile. Have you checked your website on a mobile phone lately? Is it easy to navigate? Is it fast? Does the menu work?. If not, you will waste your money on ads. Google has started to take mobile-friendliness into account when ranking sites which means that if you have an old well-ranked site that is not mobile friendly, you have already started to lose visitors and rank.

Slow websites cost you money, people will click your ads but they will leave if they have to wait more than 2.8 seconds for the page to load, in fact, every second after that costs you 15% more drop-offs. You still pay for the click though.

We can help you with modernizing your existing site or building a new one. Affordably and within 30 days


Yes we do offer a 100% unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. This means that we only accept clients we feel we can help. The condition for the guarantee is that we run everything under our own accounts for the first month, if you choose to leave (you won’t) we will delete everything, when (see what i did there) you choose to stay, we will give you access to all campaigns and tools we use so you own the work we do.


While SEO and unpaid posting can bring results, the big providers like Google and Facebook is restricting the reach of business related posts and search results. And let’s be frank, why wouldn’t they, why should they bring you paying clients for free ?. 

Unlike SEO “magic” and organic posting, advertising works in a predictable and measurable way, it’s the fastest way to get measurable results. Working with SEO and ordinary organic social media management is a part of what we do for all clients but that alone will not bring you enough business. The old way of working is going to continue decreasing in effect.

There is a reason we don’t give you any prices on our website. The question is complex and it all depends on what you advertise and how much your competitors are spending.

When you bid on a click on a search network, several factors determine if your ad is shown and what position it gets. The first one is how high you bid. But other important facts has to be taken into consideration as well. Search networks weigh in the quality of your web page, how well your ad matches the keyword used and the content of your site. Mobile experience and general user experience of your site is also considered. This means you can bid less than your competitor and still get a higher position.

When you advertise to certain groups or demographics you are bidding against similar products, the more competition, the higher the price.


In theory we can advertise in any country you like, however, each country has it’s own ever-changing regulations when it comes to medical and healthcare products. We investigate the regulations for your industry and recommends where to advertise.

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