"What I value most is that they take personal pride in their work and really care about our business and that the work they are doing is having the required effect. Thanks, TopEngage, for your work and your care."

Admissions Manager, Hope Rehab Thailand


Medical Marketing on Facebook

Modern patients

Today's patients are more likely to seek information and recommendations on social media. Make sure that your presence there is effective.

Get new clients

We have a proven track record of delivering clients & patients through our laser targeted Facebook advertising and engaging posts.

Right patient groups

Facebook has powerful targeting parameters. You can target patients based on their conditions, symptoms & previous searches/interests.

It fits your business

It’s flexible. It has enough different marketing options for B2B and B2C that you can tailor to fit your company.

The Modern Link To Effective Patient Engagement

Facebook marketing is used for “inspiring” patients and clients to buy your service. Ideally, it fits dental clinics (cosmetic treatments), plastic surgery & anti-aging clinics and wellness providers (yoga, detox and wellness resorts).

Non-invasive and  preventive treatments, as well as treatments which are new on the market, are also proven to be successful through Facebook marketing.

  • We create valuable patient content to promote your facility.
  • Remember, it's not about you, it's about them. Our marketing is all about addressing the needs of your prospective patients.
  • We recommend some clients using Facebook as a secondary channel. together with Google, however Facebook does not fit everyone.

We will highlight your unique selling points which make you to stand out from the competition and create converting and lead generating ad campaigns.

90% of respondents from 18 to 35 years of age said they would trust medical information shared by others on their social media networks.

Source: Global Wellness Institute

We focus on direct response and patient acquisition

Some of our clients had unsuccessfully tried Facebook marketing before but we wanted to prove them wrong! We apply behavioral and demographic filters on your audience to target a narrow group of people who are interested in your service (behavioral and interest targeting), who recently checked out your business (re-targeting), and who can afford to buy your services or product (demographic targeting). We ensure that you’ll get leads and increase your sales through this precise approach.

However, Facebook does not fit all services as a sales channel. If we think it’s not suitable for yours, we will tell you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Facebook allows medical businesses to promote customized ads or content to a targeted audience (certain patient groups).
  • Studies show that having followers on Twitter and Facebook increases appointment bookings.
  • Have confidence that we understand the complex legal-ethical advertising policies/regulations surrounding medical marketing.
  • We serve ads to the right audience. We continually manage ad placement with real-time testing, select the target audience and make sure you get inquiries.

Some more features

We have doubled the number of clients for our customers through Facebook

Our clients have reached more customers and gained more sales through our direct marketing and extensive medical industry knowledge.

What Is The Difference Between Search Engine And Social Media Marketing?

If you plan to use Facebook ads to sell your services directly, what you’re selling will greatly determine the success of your campaign. We usually tell our clients that B2C advertising on Facebook will be more successful than B2B (we suggest Linked In advertising for B2B marketing).

With us there are no contracts, full transparency, and full ownership. No surprises!
Flat monthly fee, we charge no mark-up on your ad spend!

We Have Everything You Need

Search Advertising

We advertising of all major search engines, we use precision targeting to get only clicks from people who are likely to convert.

Social Media

Social Media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, account for 30% of conversions in the medical industry.

Medical Webdesign

We advice on your web strategy and design mobile friendly website that sell and are tailored for the patients and client you want.

Content Creation

Content is everything, without good images and content written by a native medical writer you will get the wrong message across.

Business Growth

With our background in corporate and medical industries we guide you through improving the entire process from initial lead to final sale.

Video Production

Video ads are the most effective way of engaging an audience. We can help you with videos for corporate presentations and online marketing.

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