We have Zero unhappy clients and we intend to keep it that way.

Oksana Petersen, Founder

Oksana Petersen, Founder

Oksana Petersen, Founder

Oksana Petersen, Founder

"All today’s patients are online, that’s where they spend the most of their time. Our background in the medical industry allows us to help our clients to reach the right patient groups at the right time. Our industry knowledge ensures that we send the right message across the right channel."

Oksana Petersen, Founder & Executive Marketing Manager




We are a specialist team of medical marketing professionals with many years of experience working in the medical industry. Combining our corporate and medical backgrounds, along with our passion for online marketing, led to the creation of Topengage in 2015.
Our team members have diverse backgrounds, and because we primarily use virtual teams of members from all over the world, our overheads are kept low meaning we can deliver our services at very competitive prices. Some of our team have held senior positions within marketing, some conducted global clinical studies and participated in medical research, and others have excelled in executive management roles so know how to drive profit. In other words, we know how to achieve results and appeal to both the service-oriented and profit-oriented sides of the medical industry.
25 year'experience
in the medical
We have extensive experience from marketing and healthcare industries. We know how to reach the right patients.
Diverse business
We combine know-how from marketing, medical and corporate industries to generate your profit.
Online marketing
Online marketing is our passion and medical marketing is what we do best.
HQ in Europe
and Asia
Our unique position in Europe and Asia allows to work with clients from all parts of the world.
Multi-lingual &
Our staff has a diverse background, from a nurse to a former CTO. We will provide solution to any problem.
friendly approach
We treat your business as our own. Your problems are our problems.


Oksana Petersen, Founder & Executive Marketing Manager

Lan Do, Account Manager, Web Design & Development

Enanie Chan, Graphic Design & Social Media Manager 

Ken Anderskov, Business Development & Analytics

Kultida Smith, Thai Account Manager & Sales

Janette Bryant, Content & Translation Coordinator


First of all, if you try us, using our risk free 30 day money back guarantee, you will discover that we truly care about growing your business. Our Headquarters are conveniently located in Hong Kong and Sweden, which allows us to work and invoice within both Asian and European markets. It also enables us to work closely with clients in different time zones. We work in a typical informal Scandinavian way, which we believe creates a foundation for creativity and excellence. We’re friendly, we’re flexible and we keep your best interests in mind in all we do. We attract and retain the best people through our culture

Our Mission is simple

To profitably generate more business for our clients, whilst also improving the entire sales process and promoting their brand in the very best light.​

We not only do marketing, we provide guidance, advice and introduce you to new ways of driving your business.

To organically grow our business with our clients, not through aggressive sales but by building trust based on results and business advice.

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