4 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong If You Market Medical or Healthcare

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Online medical marketing is taking off

Inbound marketing and digital advertising is becoming increasingly popular within the B2B healthcare and medical industry as companies strive to raise brand awareness, develop more leads and most importantly, close on those deals. So, many B2B companies have focused their marketing spend on creating websites and inbound marketing campaigns that work tirelessly in the background to achieve these objectives for them. You may be thinking “But I’ve already spent money redeveloping my website and shaking up my marketing strategy but am still not getting results!” Fear not, it may simply be a case that you are making one of these common mistakes:

Drop the one size approach, it doesn’t work.

You need to make sure that you’ve got the correct focus, so ask yourself “What are the key differences and advantages that our product/service has over our competitors?” Then make certain your marketing strategy in centered around them. You’ve got to clearly sell yourself and your company’s advantages to your potential customers so that they hear you above the noise! Also take time to find out what your customers like and make sure your mission, culture and values are aligned to them.

Don’t focus too much on yourself – the client doesn’t care!

One of the main things your customers want to know is exactly how your product and services will benefit their business. So why do so many B2B healthcare companies fail to realize this? Probably because they use their advertising campaigns to talk about themselves rather than focusing on how they can help their customers. In short – drop the ego and speak from your customers’ viewpoint!

Get trendy!

We all know how fast the digital marketing arena changes, most weeks there seems to be some new product, approach or ‘gizmo’ that we are told we all need. My advice is ‘don’t be afraid to try something new’. Keep an eye on new trends but also don’t let them overwhelm you. Ideally your marketing strategy should be a nice balance of the old vs the new, a mix of traditional advertising methods and modern digital strategies.

Don’t just promote – educate too

B2B healthcare companies can miss out on important opportunities to sell themselves as an educator as well as a supplier. Don’t we all like to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about! Your customers will value education so if they see your company as an intelligent instructor in your industry, they are more likely to sit up and take note. They’ll also feel more confident in hooking up to do business with you if they feel you are an industry expert, so widen your strategy and broaden your horizons to include educational content.

And finally, you *must* create an online marketing plan, without it you will not succeed!