Advertising on LinkedIn is becoming more and more recognized as a great way for Medical and Healthcare businesses to reach business to business customers in an effective and profitable way. When you advertise you need to provide people with an incentive in the form of a free product or content that actually provides them with value.

LinkedIn Sponsored Ad
  • You can target your audience by the industry, position, company size, background and geographical location
  • LinkedIn has more than 450 million members and is the only real social network for company pages and forum discussions.
  • Many professionals primarily use LinkedIn to do background research on people and businesses
  • LinkedIn, now owned by Microsoft. is the best platform for business to business lead generation
  • A LinkedIn company profile is your company’s personal “Facebook page”. Your face in the business world

LinkedIn Medical Marketing

Build your brand, sell your products or services, raise awareness and generate leads with LinkedIn. We Place targeted ads in the world’s most professional feed where your content captures the attention of highly engaged people – and drives qualified traffic right to you. Through LinkedIn pay-per-click marketing, you can set your budget and choose from cost per click or cost per impression options.

Drive high-quality leads within the budget you choose using text ads or display campaigns that drive leads, sales and keep you on prospects’ minds.

Linked In is an excellent platform for B2B marketing because it is viewed as a database with professionals and businesses from all industries. Advertising on Linked In will directly expose your brand, products and services to experts and decision makers who work in your target industries and roles.

LinkedIn advertising is about generating as many leads and sales as possible, this is not the same as getting as many clicks as possible! We specialize in creating interactive ads which encourage viewers to take further action regardless if it’s purchasing your product or service, installing an app, downloading material or only becoming your client.

You can target specific locations, gender, age groups, job titles and industries, the more targeted your campaign is, the more quality leads you get. We identify your target audience with engaging and share-worthy content and finally implement, test and monitor your ads to get the best quality score, ranking, low cost per click and ad placement

  • We create highly professional, sophisticated and informative ads
  • We display your ads and messages only to professionals and industries you wish to contact
  • We make sure that ads generate leads and we track them on a monthly basis
  • LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads

How To Advertise On LinkedIn?

  • With over 450 million users, LinkedIn has proven to be a viable and quantifiable marketing resource for companies in the B2B space
  • Professionals primarily use LinkedIn to do background research on people/businesses and services and to get informed about the latest trends in specific industries
  • LinkedIn offers various advertising options, display ads, and text ads are the most accessible and measurable advertising approaches
  • Both display and text ads allow you to market your products and services directly to highly targeted audiences
  • You can choose to either pay per click or pay per view.

LinkedIn Text Ads

We help you to drive new customers to your business – on a budget that works for you – with the Linked In PPC advertising platform.

  • We drive the right traffic – We get your business in front of the audiences who matter most – and drive them to your website or landing pages.
  • We generate quality leads – We fine tune your targeting options to reach just the right people and drive high-quality leads.
  • Choose pay per click or per impression – Set your budget and control costs with pay per click (PPC) or cost per impression (CPM) pricing options.

Linked In Dynamic / Display Ads

Dynamic Ads allow you to precisely target decision-makers and influencers with highly relevant and customizable creative content. We craft your ad copy together with you; we choose a call to action (CTA) and leverage dynamically generated image ads. Together, we select audiences you want to reach based on a broad range of professional targeting criteria including company, skills, interests, and more.

  • We measure your performance. We analyze campaign reporting metrics, test and fine-tune your ads and ensure you get only clicks that matter.
  • We grow your company follower count. You can build relationships and increase your business’s Linked In follower count using unique ad formats, our interactive design and engaging CTAs.
  • We attract and engage your target audience with highly visible ads (text or display), placed exclusively on relevant high-traffic LinkedIn pages. We bring you ads where your customers are.

What's next?

  • Get in touch, tell us about your goals and your unique selling points
  • We will look at your market and offer and give you honest feedback
  • We will evaluate your website and tell you if we belive it will sell
  • We will analyze the market and your competitors for you
  • We will propose a campaign structured for your needs
  • Based on your strategy, markets and channels we give you an affordable price
  • If we don't think we can help you we will propose a way forward so we can.

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Why not give it a try?. With our 30 day money back guarantee and a minimal investment for the ads themselves you will know if online advertising works for you.

You may have tried other less serious agencies who promised everything and delivered nothing. With no binding contracts and a 30 day money back guarantee you risk very little.

You may have tried on your own without results. But you were competing against a whole industry who specializes in online marketing only. Focus on your core business and let us do the rest.

We will provide you with reference customers on request.