Why should i pay you to market my services online. I could just as well do it myself.

Chances are you will spend a lot of valuable time and money without getting any results. You are up against companies like ours that do this for a living. Spend your time selling your profitable services instead.

Can you promise me thousands of followers and likes for the services i buy from you?

No. Any agency that promises you thousands of followers or likes are buying them. There is a whole industry selling likes, followers, clicks etc. We could easily get you 1000 followers for 20$ but we don’t work that way. If you work hard with your favorite social network you may get followers but these days, small and medium businesses don’t stand a chance against advertisers and corporations on the popular social networks.

Someone offered me SEO and promised me that i would get on the first page of google.

That may have worked 5 years ago, today all search engines and social media networks prioritize selling ads. A search for a popular product or service on google will give you half a page of top placed ads on a desktop, and a full page on mobile. 47% of users will click an ad and only 15% will go to the second page of search results (which is also filled with ads)

I heard that ads don't work. I even tried myself without results. I just got a lot of visitors but no customers.

The online advertising industry is a trillion dollar business. Because it works. However, choosing the right channel for your product and having a good website is essential for success. For example, Facebook and Instagram ads are good for inspiring people to buy products and services they don’t know they want. Like teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures. You are not going to sell implants or oral surgery through a Facebook ad. People who need implants will search for it online so that’s where your ads should go. The default settings on all ad networks are usually not to your benefit, you need to know what you are doing to get value for money.

Designing a new website is expensive. If i pay for ads, why would i need to update it ?

Today 60% of all searches are mobile. Have you checked your website on a mobile phone lately? Is it easy to navigate? Is it fast? Does the menu work?. If not, you will waste your money on ads.

Slow websites cost you money, people will click your ads but they will leave if they have to wait more than 2.8 seconds for the page to load, in fact, every second after that costs you 15% more drop-offs. You still pay for the click though.

We can help you with modernizing your existing site or building a new one. Affordably!

Do you accept any customer for your free trial ?

We do not. Since we don’t require you to sign up for long contracts it would be too expensive for us to accept any customer. We would put a lot of work into the first month and naturally, you would leave after that. If we believe your business model, if your site is good enough or you are willing to work with it, we would love to have you as a customer. We only benefit from customers who feel we add value. This also means we won’t make false promises just to get your money.

You seem to be talking most about advertising, what about regular marketing through social media ?

We mostly mention advertising because that is what works for small and medium businesses. Most clinics don’t have the time to do full time social media work or write blog posts and update Facebook pages. We do offer social media management services as well but only to customers who would actually benefit from them.

So how does this advertising thing work in practice ?

Basically there are two models. Pay per click and pay per view. (PPC and PPV).

Pay per click means you only pay when a user clicks your ad (surprise!).

Pay per view is usually charged per 1000 views of your display ad, this is mostly used for establishing a brand or promoting an event.

PPC networks consist of two main sectors. Search ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu etc. You bid on a keyword like “dental implants” and your ad will be shown when a users searches for this or similar phrases. How much you pay depends on how much your competitors are bidding for the same word in the same area.

The other PPC model is for networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram where you target users based on gender, age, location, interests and more. These networks work best for products and services people don’t know they need. Like cosmetic procedures.

Display ads rarely work well. In some instances they may but generally we recommend against them. The only exception is re-marketing where we can show ads on other websites to people who previously visited your page.

How much does it cost to advertise ?

There is a reason we don’t give you any prices on our website. The question is complex and it all depends on what you advertise and how much your competitors are spending.

When you bid on a click on a search network, several factors determine if your ad is shown and what position it gets. The first one is how high you bid. But other important facts has to be taken into consideration as well. Search networks weigh in the quality of your web page, how well your ad matches the keyword used and the content of your site. Mobile experience and general user experience of your site is also considered. This means you can bid less than your competitor and still get a higher position.

When you advertise to certain groups or demographics you are bidding against similar products, the more competition, the higher the price.

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Why not give it a try?. With our 30 day money back guarantee and a minimal investment for the ads themselves you will know if online advertising works for you.

You may have tried other less serious agencies who promised everything and delivered nothing. With no binding contracts and a 30 day money back guarantee you risk very little.

You may have tried on your own without results. But you were competing against a whole industry who specializes in online marketing only. Focus on your core business and let us do the rest.

We will provide you with reference customers on request.