Why Choose Online B2C Marketing?

  • Your advertising will be displayed only to the audience currently looking for similar treatments you offer
  • You can reach specific demographic and geographic targets
  • The results and Return on Investment are directly measurable.
  • Campaigns that connect with the patient’s mindset will convert them into loyal customers
  • Your campaigns can be tested in real time in order to optimize the sales/conversion numbers

Medical B2C Marketing

As a medical business selling services to consumers (B2C), you require continuously-evolving strategies and tactics to maximize opportunities to reach customers. The ultimate goal of any online marketing strategy is to convert individuals looking for a product similar to yours into your customers as quickly as possible. B2C medical marketing strategies must be aggressively focused on building immediate interest, securing the completed purchase. If you face the following challenges when trying to connect with potential customers, you are not alone.


If you your medical business is facing following challenges, you should try online advertising:

  • Increased competition for new patients and customers.
  • Increasing or maintaining loyal patients and clients.
  • Coordinating outreach to specific geographic or demographic targets.
  • Getting more out of a lower marketing budget.
  • Measuring the results of your online campaigns.

We will guide you through every step of your PPC marketing strategy, and we will develop a strategic and ongoing approach that will ensure that you get results. We know the medical industry and we create a road map that is unique to your business and your marketing goals.

Percentage of Conversions on B2C Marketing Channels:

Source: marketingland.com. B2C online marketing report (2016)




Why Choose B2C Medical Marketing?

The difference between marketing in B2B and B2C becomes apparent at a very early stage: when you’re setting goals and objectives. Since, usually, the goal of B2C advertising is getting customers, you can expect to close more deals and achieve faster revenue and profit growth than B2B companies. Generally speaking, the B2C sales cycle is quicker and less complex.

  • With B2C marketing, you are targeting consumers based on who they are as an individuals – their age, gender, race and other factors.
  • B2C buyers tend to respond best to ads that seem credible and professional.
  • Social media, such as Facebook, gives B2C companies greater access to potential clients, opening up tremendous opportunities for advertising, customer service, and building of customer loyalty
  • We always start with comprehensive market research. We define who your target customers are, what they want, and the messages they respond to

B2C marketing content should inspire to take the action! We develop campaigns that connect with the patient's mindset and convert them into loyal customers! We help you to create interactive and professional campaigns with clear "call-to-actions" which are hard to ignore.

Facebook Medical Advertising for B2C

Facebook advertising allows businesses to promote customized ads or content targeting a specific audience, with costs varying based on the reach and engagement the ad receives. Since Facebook gets tons of data from their users, when they enter it voluntarily on their profile (things like age, location, and interests), they have a good idea of what users like. We can help you to laser target your ads (text or/and image ads) to reach the audience you want. With Facebook, you choose your audience, get their attention and convert into our your customers.

As with any other pay-per-click advertising network, you pay when someone clicks on your ad. Therefore defining goals and objectives of your campaigns is essential. The goals might vary depending on your core business, whether it is building brand awareness, informing and engaging your existing clients, getting new sales or showing your unique professional skills.





B2C Medical Advertising on Google

Four Million businesses advertise on Google and AdWords is the web’s largest platform for paid search advertising. Effective management and a clear strategy are critical to any account’s success. Campaign settings make it possible to reach your specific target audiences, exactly when you want to get them — so it’s essential to get them right. Campaign settings are determined by your strategy and include location targeting, ad scheduling, ad extensions and much more. Efficient and timely bid changes are crucial when managing AdWords accounts. While strong account structure is necessary, ongoing bid management and bidding strategy are key to Pay Per Click success. We will make sure your revenue grows, and we will treat your campaigns as our own.

Google’s ad campaigns reach 80% of global Internet users, and 70% of mobile searchers call a business from Google Search.

What's next?

  • Get in touch, tell us about your goals and your unique selling points
  • We will look at your market and offer and give you honest feedback
  • We will evaluate your website and tell you if we belive it will sell
  • We will analyze the market and your competitors for you
  • We will propose a campaign structured for your needs
  • Based on your strategy, markets and channels we give you an affordable price
  • If we don't think we can help you we will propose a way forward so we can.

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