Oksana Petersen, Founder and Executive Marketing Manager


We are a global team of online advertising experts. Our company is based in Hong Kong with offices both there and in Bangkok. We are a virtual organisation which means we are mostly on-line based with employees in many countries which enables us to work with clients from all over the world. We founded our company three years ago, working mainly through partners. In October 2015 we decided to do business directly with clients and we founded TopEngage Ltd.

Many of our team members have an extensive professional background from the medical and healthcare industry. By combining our “know-how” from the healthcare industry with our skills in marketing, we often achieve outstanding results.

We work in a typical Scandinavian way in a very informal atmosphere without hierarchy. We primarily use virtual teams of members from all over the world which we assemble in customer teams based on the nature of the business we are promoting or the project we are working on.

The job of our core team below is to translate our customers needs into quality work that is delivered on time and live up to the high standards and expectations we and our customers set for us.

Our Core Team

We work with more than 50 specialists from all over the world, Below is a presentation of our core team.

Oksana founded TopEngage in 2015 after years of working with marketing in global health organisations

Oksana Petersen

Founder - Executive Marketing Manager

Enani is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She is a specialist in all major social media platforms.

Enanie Chan

Social Media Manager and Translation

Over the past 10 years Henry has worked in medical marketing and specialized in digital marketing for the past 5 years.

Henry Shimmond

Search and Display advertising expert

With over 15 years of management and business development experience in large corporations, Ken crunches the numbers and turns it into business advice.

Ken Anderskov Petersen

Business development and Advanced Analytics

Lan is a professional web developer with extensive knowledge and practice from all major web platforms. He also has an MBA from Mannheim University

Lan Ho Doang

Business Web Design and SEO specialist

Jelena is a former nurse practitioner who works with a lot of our European clients.

Jelena Niess

Account Manager, Translation, Analytics

Jeanette has 9 years experience of website evaluation, testing and improvement. She has reviewed more than a thousand websites

Janette Bryant

website review and usability specialist

David is an experienced account manager who works with our European clients. He is certified in Google Analytics, Adwords and Bing

David Lawson

Account manager and analytics expert

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